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Daylight external of the Waterside Lodge at Oastbrook

What is Avalon

What is Avalon? Avalon was the mythical island to which King Arthur was carried over the water to his final resting place in paradise. It was known as the island of fruit or Avalon. According to Celtic mythology it was where Excalibur, King Arthur’s swaord was forged. Avalon symbolises a paradise of magic, utopia and …

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America Brewer with her grapes at Oastbrook Estate

Pinot Noir Clones

Described by Robinson  as a finicky vine, in Champagne it is a key blend component of sparkling wine with light pressing of its just ripe berries, with more 20% more hectares planted than in Burgundy.  In England 24.7% of all grapevines  are now Pinot Noir . Pinot Noir is especially clonally diverse with 18 clones …

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