Sussex PDO a view from Oastbrook

Winemakers and co-owners of Oastbrook, Nick and America Brewer, share their views on the new Sussex PDO

Sussex has now earned its very own PDO but this has met with some mixed reviews from those outside of the Sussex region. Some comments have been more nuanced and have sited Oastbrook as having a terroir more in common with Kent vineyards such as Gusbourne. The champion of this PDO was Rathfinny who have campaigned long and hard for recognition of Sussex as a distinct PDO. The criticism of the PDO is that its geography covers diverse terroirs and therefore there is not a common wine style in the region. We would rather flip this logic on its head and acknowledge that the terroirs are indeed different but we welcome this PDO as quality marque, defining quality Sussex wines as tightly bound to a level of quality. If seen in this vein this PDO does not preclude further sub specialisations based on terroir within the Sussex region.