Health & Wellbeing at Oastbrook

Yoga in the Vines

£1500 per person

Available til the 3rd August

As part of our Health and Wellbeing offering, we invite you to join us at Oastbrook for relaxing and theraputic yoga practice amongst the tranquility of the vines.

Retreat from your day to day life and join us at Oastbrook Estate for a special week of yoga, breathwork and meditation. Set in a vineyard in East Sussex this unique wellbeing week offers the chance for you to immerse yourself in nature doing yoga every morning and evening. Find the time and space to focus on you and dedicate some time to your yoga practice in this beautiful landscape. 

Kelly is an Iyengar Yoga teacher based in London and has been teaching yoga for over 8 years. Having found Iyengar Yoga working in a magic circle law firm it ignited her passion for health and  wellbeing and it drove her to spread the skill of yoga across many city corporations as a tool to overcome stress and promote better health. 

For those wondering what Iyengar is, characterised by the use of a range of yoga props, it has a very strong emphasis on detail, precision and alignment. It’s the most meticulous of all Yoga styles.  If a teacher trained in Vinyasa is a graduate, a teacher trained in Iyengar is a Dr, they have the Phd.

Props will be used during this retreat to help us practice the poses safely and to get maximum health benefits from them. They can act as guides to alignment and can be very educational. 

COVID Compliance – We want everyone to feel comfortable and safe when they’re with us at Oastbrook, so we’re committed to following all the recommended COVID guidelines.  Please contact us for further information.